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AirCheckAirCheck G3

AirCheck G3 PRO Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Analyser

 Rugged instrument for comprehensive network validation and troubleshooting • Native Wi-Fi 6, 2.4/5/6GHz band, and Bluetooth/BLE support • Quickly test, verify, troubleshoot, and map Wi-Fi networks • Faster and easier...
$1,195.00 EX-GST
EtherScopeFeatured Products

EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert

  Multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network analyzer NEW! Native Wi-Fi 6, 6GHz band, and Spectrum Analysis* support Quickly test, verify, troubleshoot, and map Wi-Fi and wired networks Faster and easier Wi-Fi...
$2,840.50 EX-GST
Featured ProductsnetAlly

CYBERSCOPE, Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer

CYBERSCOPE-CE-E Includes: CYBERSCOPE-CE-E mainframe (PARTIAL TRI-BAND) with one year of AllyCare support (CYBERSCOPE-1YS), NXT-1000 Spectrum Analyzer, G3-PWRADAPTER, SFP+MR-10G850, RJ-45 inline coupler, EXT-ANT-TRIBAND directional antenna, WIREVIEW 1, Quick Start Guide, and...
$28,945.00 EX-GST
Featured ProductsnetAlly

CYBERSCOPE Air, WiFi Vulnerability Scanner & Tester

CyberScope Air enables SecOps or NetOps teams to discover, validate, and scan edge infrastructure and IoT, OT, and ICS devices whether WiFi or Bluetooth/BLE. Assessing cybersecurity posture of WLANs against...
$12,545.00 EX-GST
Featured ProductsLINKRUNNER


Network Cable & Connectivity Tester Quickly verify and troubleshoot network links with the LinkRunner AT 3000. This network cable tester with reporting platform is essential for today’s network engineers who demand...
$4,268.15 EX-GST
Featured ProductsLINKRUNNER


Smart Network & Cable Tester The LinkRunner AT 4000 is a cutting-edge network cable tester for modern networking tasks and infrastructural diagnostics. Designed for network engineers requiring a robust toolset for both...
$7,063.84 EX-GST