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CYBERSCOPE-CE-E Includes: CYBERSCOPE-CE-E mainframe (PARTIAL TRI-BAND) with one year of AllyCare support (CYBERSCOPE-1YS), NXT-1000 Spectrum Analyzer, G3-PWRADAPTER, SFP+MR-10G850, RJ-45 inline coupler, EXT-ANT-TRIBAND directional antenna, WIREVIEW 1, Quick Start Guide, and hardened carry case.

Comprehensive site security assessment, analysis & reporting in ONE powerful, portable tool

CyberScope scans for vulnerabilities such as network segmentation and provisioning errors. It locates potential device and configuration risks, and identifies entry points bad actors could use to move laterally inside your network. Rogue APs, clients, or purposely hidden computing devices cannot hide from CyberScope.

CyberScope is a rugged, hand-held cyber security tool that is truly portable, so you can spot all your network vulnerabilities with a single walk round. It has all-day battery life and gives you complete mobility so you can confidently send the analyzer to another location and control it remotely. Smart hands collaboration allows on-site field engineering services for maintenance and other data centre activities.

 Key Features

  • Discovery: CyberScope’s discovery combines scanning and active probing via five different network interfaces. Probe endpoints and networks to identify all potential attack surfaces. 
  • Identify: All discovered devices and even endpoint manufacturers can be classified as Authorized, Unauthorized, Neighbour or Unknown. On-device sorting and filtering makes it easy to identify outliers. CyberScope can also examine switch ports for proper provisioning, join a VLAN to ensure correct segmentation, and capture traffic on a specific VLAN for deeper analysis
  • Locate: Path analysis is critical to understand how devices are interconnected. CyberScope provides complete port by port details of the network path – both wired and wireless – to any device.
  • Analyse: Nmap identifies potential vulnerabilities like open backdoors, malware and poorly configured firewalls and intrusion detection systems. CyberScope’s intuitive user interface harnesses Nmap’s robust capabilities quickly and repeatably. Even seasoned users will appreciate the ease of use that helps you reduce the risk of successful attacks. 
  • Report: Reporting is easy using the Link-Live collaboration platform with features including results comparisons, discovery snapshots, and heat and topology maps. Secure cloud or on-prem containerized deployment


 Data Sheets                      

CyberScope Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer Data Sheet

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CyberScope Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer - User Guide - English

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CyberScope Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer - Quick Start Guide - English

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CyberScope Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer Flyer

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Etherscope nXG vs CyberScope Comparison

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CyberScope Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer Firmware Updates



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