Update your LinkRunner 10G firmware! LinkRunner 10G Version 1.6

  • With the release of version 1.6 code, users can now initiate and control the Performance test app using a pair of LinkRunner 10G units, making LinkRunner 10G the most cost-effective 10Gig test solution in the market!

Version 1.6 software release introduces the following enhancements:

Performance Test App Improvements

  • The Performance Test app can now generate eight concurrent traffic streams. The streams can be directed to a single endpoint or multiple (up to eight) endpoints. This provides more power and flexibility for quantifying complex network performance for throughput, loss, latency, and jitter.
  • Throughput is now configurable down to 64Kbps allowing validation of legacy WAN links or testing on production networks.
  • Performance tests can now be run on an individual stream allowing simple validation without running all the configured streams.

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By Victor Korfiatis


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