Fluke Networks are the worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure. From installing the most advanced data centers to restoring telephone service after a disaster, Fluke Networks combination of legendary reliability and unmatched performance ensure jobs are done efficiently.
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Fluke NetworksFluke Networks

CableIQ™ Qualification Tester

Copper qualification tester troubleshoots and qualifies Ethernet network cabling speed (10/100/1000/VoIP). Works on live networks to provide Ethernet switch detection and device configuration Measure network capacity (10 Meg, 100 Meg,...
$2,255.00 EX-GST
Fluke NetworksFluke Networks

MicroScanner™ Cable Verifier Series

MicroScanner PoE Capabilities: Quickly determine if a problem is caused by a bad or unconnected cable, insufficient power, or a Powered Device (PD). Information for the Network Engineer to investigate...
$897.00 EX-GST
Fluke NetworksFluke Networks

IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner, Tracer and Probe

IntelliTone digital toning technology: Ends network cable location confusion, decisively rejects noise and false signals Network cable tracer locates cables on active networks, even when terminated at a switch Isolates...
$331.00 EX-GST
Fluke NetworksFluke Networks

Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series

Pro3000 Series Tone & Probe Kits tone and trace inactive wiring. Clear - Innovative filter technology blocks interference (“buzz”) that makes tracing difficult (“F” models only) Precise – SmartTone™ technology provides...
$186.00 EX-GST